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Customer Satisfaction
We have had a complaints and feedback process in place from day one.

Job-by-job Feedback
You can electronically complete feedback after each job.
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Or you can download and return to us anyone of the following:

  1. Customer Testimonial
  2. Recommendation or Suggestion
  3. Customer Services Questionnaire
Changing faces...
Although we've been delivering this service online since 2006, things have moved on. There is a whole new market online where people are using social networking tools and people want to see our testimonials, a story of what's going on, so they can order from us too.

More developments...
So, we will be bringing a blog to the site. And we will be actively asking customers if they want a website link too. For those that do, we will be giving ourselves a story and you will be getting a little free PR.

You can find us at:@digitalstatione

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