Digital Book
Perfect for Digital Brochures, Digital Newsletters, Digital Prospectus, Digital Catalogues, Digital Directories, Digital Manuals, Digital Leaflets, Digital Albums, Digital Reports, Digital Books, Digital Portfolios, Digital Newspapers, Digital Calenders, Digital Vouchers, Digital Magazines, Digital Recipes, Digital Story and any other application that you can think of.

Need a Digital Book? Get a Digital Book from Digital Stationery to digitise any print ready artwork. A Digital Book can hold more than 100 pages so it is fine for brochures, reports, manuals, leaflets, books, portfolios, albums, stories and magazines. It is usually a hosted solution, however it can be distributed by CD-ROM. The favourite method of distribution is by email or website link from your homepage. AND Yes!! The pages actually turn.!!!

It couldn’t be more simple!

    1. Fill out the online Digital Book enquiry form
      Fill out the online enquiry form for the Digital Book and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.
    2. Return our Order Form with your artwork
      Once we have confirmed your requirements we will check that your artwork is ready for us to work with. Most commercial print is sent to press using print-ready .PDF files. You will be glad to here that we work in exactly the same way.
    3. Place your order
      Once we have confirmed all the details for your Digital Book we will then send you an order form. Simply return this to us as confirmation and we will process your order. Delivery is 7 working days from receipt of order.
    4. Ready to Install
      Whether you have requested a standard installation pack or have opted for a hosted solution, we will email you with your installation pack containing all the details for you to get going.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy

  • To digitise an existing publication
    Digitisation of an existing publication allows you to bring previous publications up to date.

  • To compliment a printed publication
    A current printed publication can be supported by running a digitised version alongside.

  • To reduce booklet distribution costs
    The distribution of traiditonal booklets is expensive and time consuming. A Digital Book is a hosted solution that will have it's own page address or url. Distribution can be done by adding a hyperlink to your homepage or notifying readers by email.

  • To reduce your carbon footprint
    Less distribution, less paper, less transportation leads to a reduction in your carbon footprint.

  • To publish a specific set of information
    A Digital Book is a closed publication that is published as a complete book. This format is perfect as a repository for information on particular topics.

  • To add a new microsite to your website
    A microsite is a secondary website that is linked to from your main website. A Digital Book is the perfect application of a microsite.

  • To improve the impact of an existing marketing campaign
    With any marketing campaign your audience may wish to receive additional information. A Digital Book is the perfect format to provide further reading.

  • To increase brand awareness
    Digital Books certainly get noticed, so naturally it will bring attention to your brand.

  • YTo impress my customers, prospects and general audience
    The page turning feature within the Digital Book is impressive. This is a great feature to include when trying to impress customers, prospects and other audiences.


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