Personally Branded Email
Need a Personally Branded email letterhead? 
Get a Personally Branded email stationery from Digital Stationery to formalise your email communication.

Is Personal Branding the way forward for you? A personally branded email provides you with the common tool that you need to start linking-up your email communications with your personal brand touch points. Whether you are strengthening your standing in your industry, becoming the public face of your company or selling based on personal value, a Personally Branded Email is a must have for any public figure or fee earner. Online, this is where Personal Branding begins.

It couldn’t be more simple!

    1. Fill out your Email Letterhead requirements
      Fill out the online order form for the Email Letterhead and we will gather all of your requirements in a follow-up telephone call to discuss design, branding and number of users.
    2. Place your Order
      Once we have confirmed all the details for your new letterhead we will then send you an order form that will detail all of the items that we need to complete the project. Once we have received all the items we will the design your email letterhead.
    3. Receive a design proof
      Our team will send you a full visual design of your email letterhead for you to sign-of subject to any desired changes. Once you have decided on any final change we will then create your new email letterhead.
    4. Ready to Install
      Our team will then fulfil the order by packaging the email letteread and dispatching it to you for installation. Installation takes approx 2mins and is very simple.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy

  • I want to demonstrate my credibility
  • I want my email to qualify my personal standing as a fee earner
  • I want to formalise my email with my professional photo
  • I want to include my business and personal branding inside the email
  • I want to communicate a compelling and consistent messge
  • I want to allow recipients to click on to my personal brand touch points
  • I want to use my email to form stronger relationships up and down the supply chain
  • I want to display my star qualities
  • I want to include very specific calls to action
  • I want to to provide reassurance to the people I communicate with


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