Setup of a Facebook Business Page
Facebook Page Setup
Our team will setup a business Facebook Page for you, resize your graphics, enter your information and make your first few posts.

£ 59.95
Turned around within 24 hours

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Customer Reviews

Jackson, Recruiter

Thank you for setting up my FB Page. Really great. For us it will be a placeholder, a presence and we will be looking to use it in the near future.

Mark, Financial Services

Looks great. Thanks. Seriously good job. Well done. Just need to start using it now.

Andy, Wildcard Racing

Fantastic. Very efficient process, these guys really know their stuff and I am very pleased with the output. I seamlessly became page admin and best of all my Facebook page looks stunning.


Business Page Setup
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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. "Why should Digital Stationery do my Facebook set-u"
A. We set-up Facebook pages for others and we find that most of our customers order because they want to ensure it is done on a timescale by professionals, rather than bumbling through it for the first time.

Q. "Will you do the copywriting for my page set-up?"
A. Yes, to a degree. We ask you to provide your own text, copy and images, however we do both technical edits and marketing edits on the copy as part of the order to ensure it is all sparkling before you release it to the world.

Q. "Can I do this myself, without you?"
A. Yes. Setting up a page is relatively straight forward. We give the added bonus that we have done this before more times than most. It has be quoted that it can take a new user anywhere from 2hours to the best part of a day to figure it out. We take away the pain. Simple.

Q. "Will I become the Page Owner?"
A. Yes. We will assign the admin rights to yourself or your administrative representative. Many of our customers want a third party to be their admin. We will imediately assign the page on completion to you, your marketing assistant or any other party. Check out our download form.

Q. "Do people really not know how to do this?"
A. Yes. The feedback we get from our customers is that they care little for how to do it and care more about it being done quickly and effiently with minimal fuss.

Q. "Are there any ongoing charges?"
A. No. We supply the Business Page setup for Facebook as a one-off purchase, there are no ongoing charges.

Q. "Do I need a Facebook Account myself?"
A. No. You do not need a Facebook Account yourself, we can setup the page on your behalf.

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