Product Returns

What do we do about faulty products?

Digital Stationery consideres its quality policy with high regard.

Faulty Products
Generally, Digital Stationery supplies products on an "as is" basis and we very rarely have products returned due to poor workmanship. As with any company shipping orders, sub-stanard products do get shipped and we endeavour to resolve this by re-shipping a replacement.

Most of our products are shipped without warranty and for this reason, the decision to accept a return is ours and ours alone. If it is deemed that the product is not fit for purpose we will accept a return.

In all cases where products are returned, our aim is to re-deliver a 'new' product that meets the requirements. Refunds are not issued on the basis of a customer changing their mind. We will and do issue refunds in the odd occurance where we feel this would be the best outcome. Generally speaking we will issue a credit to spend to the value of the order rather than a refund.

If we issue a customer credit to the value of your order, the credit may be spent with us in a single purchase up to the value of the order.

How to Contact Us
To contact the digital stationery team, please click here.

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