Twitter BLING
A Twitter Background allows you to start off on the right foot and engage with people 
as a professional without needing to explain your purpose.  Whether you are pushing a business brand, your personal identity 
or you are being the spokeman for your organisation , a twitter background is a must.

Need some spice for Twitter? A profile prepared by Digital Stationery for your Twitter presence allows you, your company and your staff to tweet and converse in public, discuss things openly online in the public domain and drop web links in for ear wiggers for others to pickup your threads. Whether you are joining twitter to discuss, share, promote, collaborate or take part in events, it is really important that people understand who you helps the conversation flow. Twitter is all about conversation. It is our role to dress you appropriately for this social engagement. Click to see examples

It couldn’t be more simple!

    1. Fill out your Twitter Profile requirements
      Fill out the online enquiry form for the Twitter Profile and we will gather all of your contact details and requirements for your design.
    2. Place your order
      Once we have confirmed all the details for your Twitter Profile(s) we will then send you an order form that will detail all of the items that we need to complete the job. Once we have received all the items we will do the design work.
    3. Receive a design proof
      Our team will send you a full visual design of your Twitter Profile(s) for you to sign-off subject to any desired changes. Once you have decided on any final changes we will then finalise the artwork.
    4. Ready to Install
      Our team will then fulfill the order by installing everything for you or alternatively sending you an installation pack. Installation takes approx 2mins and is very simple.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy

  • I want to let my background do the introduction
  • I want to improve personal and brand recognition through repetition of your identity
  • I want to communicate clearly and consistently
  • I want to show people who I am and what I represent
  • I want to use the law of attraction to attract followers
  • I want to be profiled to attract individual audiences
  • I want to win instantly win credibility and make stronger connections
  • I want to create a strong social story
  • I want to be dressed for social networking...brand values are important
  • I want a clear call to action so people know what to do next
  • I want to generate each tweet to hold stronger social engagement


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